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Advancing Psoriatic Arthritis: Rheumatologist Ilja Tchetverikov's Insights on iPROLEPSIS

May 22, 2024

Exploring Innovative Approaches to Disease Management and Patient Care in Psoriatic Arthritis"

Ilja Tchetverikov, a rheumatologist and project partner from the CICERO Foundation (the Netherlands), provides insights into the iPROLEPSIS project's endeavours. 

He emphasises the need for a deeper understanding of psoriatic arthritis, a chronic inflammatory condition impacting various body parts due to immune system disturbances. I. Tchetverikov highlights the project's focus on investigating disease progression factors and developing non-invasive measurement tools

“Everybody can measure anything, but then you have to know what you're measuring. The whole idea of the project is that we combine two strengths. One of them is providing and developing a technical solution on how to measure the disease activity. And from the other side, we are going to label the data coming in from the system, from the clinical point of view. So we will be able to say whether or not some people have a low or high level of disease activity. So it's one part of the investigation. 

The other part of the investigation is to see whether other factors, which are already known to influence the whole system of your human body, like stress factors and some, for instance, gut microbiome composition, can also change during the course of the disease and how they are influencing the course of the disease itself,” states Ilja Tchetverikov

Through a collaborative effort integrating clinical expertise and technical innovation, the project aims to assess disease activity levels and explore external factors accurately. 

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