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iPROLEPSIS Project News

See below our project's news and main events!


2023 03 27 - iPROLEPSIS Website Goes Live

The website of the iPROLEPSIS project is finalised and available online. The website presents the key facts and figures about the project, and will be frequently updated about the project results, events, and key plans. 


2023 02 13 - iPROLEPSIS Clinical Studies' Planning

iPROLEPSIS team starts the planning of the four clinical studies that will be conducted in the project. iPROLEPSIS plans to carry out:
1) a study to design novel digital biomarkers for PsA;
2) a study to investigate new opto-acoustics biomarkers and the role of mast cells in PsA;
3) a study to validate the potential of the novel digital biomarkers to screen for PsA in persons with psoriasis; and
4) a study to evaluate the effectiveness of the envisioned iPROLEPSIS digital care ecosystem in reducing flares of persons with PsA.


2023 01 09 - iPROLEPSIS Kick-Off Meeting

iPROLEPSIS, a four-year Horizon Europe project on AI-enabled Psoriatic Arthritis screening, monitoring, and care, kicked off. Our consortium partners met in Thessaloniki, Greece, and during a two-day event laid the groundwork for this exciting research and innovation venture.
The focus was placed on the four clinical studies that will be conducted in the project. 

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