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Maximising Project Impact: iPROLEPSIS Exploitation Strategy Seminar with Horizon Results Booster

Jun 27, 2024

Maximising Project Impact: Effective Exploitation Strategies

On 26 June 2024, iPROLEPSIS held an online Exploitation strategy seminar led by Horizon Results Booster expert Emmanuel Sofianopoulo. The seminar focused on introducing consortium partners to exploitation concepts and helping to develop an exploitation strategy for project results.

Key points covered included:

  • Introduction to exploitation and exploitation plans, Key Exploitable Results (KER), and the difference between exploitation and dissemination.

We also participated in a workshop for a specific KER, involving:

  • A session to introduce the KER.

  • Further development and refinement of the Characterisation Table, risk map and outlining the Exploitation Roadmap.

Excited to apply these strategies as we move forward with our project goals!

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