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iPROLEPSIS Plenary meeting

Jun 22, 2023

iPROLEPSIS Consortium Partners Meet in Lisbon to Plan Next Steps

The iPROLEPSIS consortium partners gathered in Lisbon, Portugal on June 20-21 for the 2nd Plenary meeting to review the progress and achievements of the project's work packages and plan the next steps.

Over the course of two days, the consortium partners engaged in three productive workshops, each focusing on key aspects of the iPROLEPSIS project:

  1. Data Collection and Digital Biomarkers: The first workshop delved into the vital task of data collection and the development of digital biomarkers. Attendees discussed the identification of sensor and user data to be collected, including accelerometer/gyroscope data. Additionally, they explored algorithms for identifying inflammation drivers and defined user profiles to enhance personalized healthcare.

  2. System Architecture and Cloud Back-end: The second workshop centered around system architecture. The consortium partners discussed the key components of the system, including the orchestrator, and addressed critical aspects such as data management infrastructure and monitoring of app performance issues.

  3. miPROLEPSIS App and Serious Games: The third workshop involved a dynamic co-creation session, bringing together clinicians, patients, researchers, and developers. Focusing on the miPROLEPSIS app and serious games, participants explored various areas such as system architecture, key components, data management infrastructure, and app performance monitoring. The adoption of the "Crazy 8s" technique allowed for the rapid generation of a diverse range of ideas.

During the third workshop patient representatives joined the session. Their valuable input and perspectives are crucial for understanding the specific needs and requirements of those who will benefit from our iPROLEPSIS project. By actively involving patient representatives, we can ensure that our solutions are truly patient-centric and tailored to their experiences and challenges.

The iPROLEPSIS consortium is excited about the progress made during this meeting and is now equipped with a comprehensive plan for the next steps of the project.

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