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Insights from iPROLEPSIS 4th Plenary meeting

Jul 3, 2024

iPROLEPSIS Plenary Meeting 2024 Recap

The 4th iPROLEPSIS plenary meeting took place on 1-2 July 2024 in Munich, Germany, drawing partners from across Europe.  The focus was on discussing progress updates and planning future actions towards developing a novel personalised digital care ecosystem for people with Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA).


Agenda included:

  • WP overviews, updates and planning next steps

  • General Assembly & External Advisory Board sessions

  • Workshop on:

- IDBV (Inflammation digital biomarkers validation study) study: Overview of outcomes, data collection decisions, next steps;  

- PPIDC (Prevention of PsA inflammation through digital care: an intervention study) study: Objectives, cohort characteristics, study design. 

WP3 research activities and upcoming deliverables; 

- iPROLEPSIS ecosystem co-creation, usage scenarios identification, requirements definition;

- Serious games co-creation: Introduction to iPROLEPSIS Games app, demonstrations, interactive feedback session.

Special Acknowledgment: Gratitude to our patient partners who joined the Serious Games co-creation workshop online and provided valuable insights, ensuring our solutions are truly patient-centric.

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