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iPROLEPSIS 3rd Plenary meeting successfully closed

Dec 14, 2023

Navigating Progress: Highlights from the 3rd iPROLEPSIS Plenary Meeting in Rotterdam

On 12-13 December 2023, the iPROLEPSIS consortium gathered for the 3rd plenary meeting in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The agenda included:

  • Four workshops

  • External Advisory Board session

  • Clinical studies overview, including PDPID study, Mast cells and optoacoustic-enabled joint and microvascular imaging (iPROLEPSIS-MOJMI) study, HPOS, and iPROLEPSIS integration

  • General assembly session

  • Overview of work packages with progress updates

  • Strategic planning for the next steps.

Four productive workshops were held:

1️⃣ PDPID study deployment and app:

  • Ethical approval timeline 

  • SOP and OpenOpenClinica / eCRF

  • App and cloud backend status

  • UI/UX and translation timeline 

  • Usability testing

2️⃣ Digital biomarkers and data fusion

  • Data retrieval roadmap

  • Analysis methodologies

  • Data fusion/modelling methodology

  • MLOps solutions

  • iPROLEPSIS-MOJMI-relevant biomarkers extraction

3️⃣ Technical workshop on digital ecosystem development

  • Open issues and data collection monitoring

  • Technical monitoring and orchestration needs

  • MLOps technical aspects

  • Alpha version of the digital ecosystem

4️⃣ Serious games co-creation session with patient partners

  • Game design

  • Stakeholders’ feedback

We are grateful to patient representatives who joined the cocreation session. Their valuable input and perspectives are crucial for understanding the specific needs and requirements of those who will benefit from the iPROLEPSIS project. By actively involving patient representatives, we can ensure our solutions are patient-centric and tailored to their experiences and challenges.

Thank you to Erasmus University Rotterdam for hosting the event.

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