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iPROLEPSIS presented to Eli Lilly in the Netherlands

Nov 8, 2023

Presentation to Eli Lilly introduces iPROLEPSIS as the next step in personalised psoriatic arthritis care

On the 7th of November 2023, Ilja Tchetverikov from CICERO Rheumatology presented the results and prospects of the DEPAR cohort and introduced iPROLEPSIS clinical studies to the representatives of Eli Lilly company in the Netherlands.

DEPAR, Dutch south-west Psoriatic Arthritis Registry, is a registry set up by Cicero Rheumatology, a partnership of rheumatologists working in 15 different hospitals in the south-west of the Netherlands. DEPAR, with the participation of well over 900 patients, supports rheumatologists to gain insight into the treatment and course of psoriatic arthritis.

The presentation highlighted iPROLEPSIS as a logical next step in the further development of DEPAR, emphasising the project’s vision and aim to explain psoriatic arthritis inflammation through multi-source data analysis, guiding to a novel personalised digital care ecosystem.

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