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iPROLEPSIS patient survey

Jun 26, 2023

iPROLEPSIS patient survey launched

Have you been diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis? Then we would love to get your opinion!

 👉 The upcoming 4 years our European Research Team will dedicate itself to the iPROLEPSIS project. Within this project we will develop Digital Health Tools that can help you monitor your condition and can aid in the management of your Psoriatic Arthritis by providing personalised recommendations 🚀

This research was initiated by many conversations with people with Psoriatic Arthritis, who stated that the process of Trial and Error with regard to finding balance in life and gaining control over this condition is very long and complicated.

 We kindly ask you to complete our survey about the Digital Health Tools to be developed. This way we can design them as is important for you!

👉 The survey is available in 4 different languages available through the following links:

🔗 English:

🔗 Greek:

🔗 Portuguese:

🔗 Dutch:


Your participation and feedback are valuable to us 👋 Together, we can shape the future of Psoriatic Arthritis management!


For further information or if you have any questions, please visit:

🌐 Website:

👍 LinkedIn:

🐦 Twitter:

Thank you in advance for contributing your opinion. Your voice matters!

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